Palwal District | Haryana

Palwal District

Municipal council and district of Haryana is Palwal. It is located near Delhi highway .Palwal is the area where pandava lived. Later on it, become the place of vikramaditya. Palwal is famous for cotton. In this city there is famous temple of Hindu named panchvati. It is the only city where the Gandhi was first arrested. Palwal is the small city, which is the district of state Haryana. 22.10 kilometer square is the area of Palwal. The latitude and longitude is 28 degree 40 N and 76 degree 59 E respectively. It is the district of state of Haryana.

History of Palwal District

The Palwal district where called as Palwasur at the time of pandavas reign. Palwasur is the name of the demon that was slays by balarama the brother of Krishna. Therefore, for this people festival is prepared in Palwal city. This festival name is baldev ka mela. The Palwal made a district of state of Haryana on august 15’2008. In the period of Muhammad Azam shah the Ali Palwali was the rich and gracious people from Palwal. From Palwal, in seventy century the khan Mohammad married to qazi syed daughter.

Palwal British period history

For the period of the British, the Palwal was a division of Punjab region and an element of Gurgaon region. Many people from Palwal contribute in 1857 rebellion adjacent to the British armed forces. From Palwal there are only seventy people all along with Hayat Ali. In this Palwal revolt hayat Ali was under arrest and hanged. Every male members of Hayat Ali were arrest. Palwal like supporting trap imitate as armlet seller, reached Hayat Ali house, and keep Nazeer Ali. In the middle of the seventy public were hanged in Palwal integrated the Hayat Ali son-in-law.

Palwal: Town of cotton

Palwal the region of Haryana is very famous for cotton. In Palwal there are number of cotton industries or factories are developed. The Palwal cotton delivers to number of places. In the cotton industry there are numbers of employees working to deliver the cottons in number of places. Palwal is the small district and in ancient time it is the place of vikramaditya and the region of pandava. In the Mahabharata the place of Palwal is mention. Panchvati temple is famous in the Palwal town. At the British period Palwal is the section of Punjab and the section of guraon region.